St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Parish


St Peter the Fisherman Parish was one of a handful of Parishes granted permission to use the innovative Alpha For Youth program for our Middle School and High School students. Alpha is a low threshold  young person based video and discussion program aimed at helping students explore basic questions leading them to a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. We began the School Year using Alpha. We are following that up with the use of the Bishop Robert Barron Word on Fire Program.


While each of us is called by name both to discipleship and to live our Catholic faith. Unfortunately, according to Pew Studies, only 30 percent of Americans raised Catholic are still “practicing” - meaning they attend Mass at least once a month. Our Church encourages us to a New Evangelization to rebuild faith communities into vibrant and engaging ones that can help renew the face of the earth. Vital to that effort to transform our culture and community are our Parish families. Basic to that renewal of vitality is conversation around issues meaningful to the student. 

“ Faith is God’s gift, received in baptism….. parents are the means that God uses for it to grow and develop.” Pope Francis

Pope Francis identifies parents as God’s divine instrument transmitting faith, “ Faith is God’s gift, received in baptism, and not our own work, yet parents are the means that God uses for it to grow and develop.” Furthermore, parental involvement in a young person’s faith formation increases not only their identification with their faith as they grow, but the commitment to and practice of that faith as they reach adulthood. Parents are too valuable to leave out of the equation. With that in mind, this year we are including specific opportunities for family involvement in our Life Teen and EDGE programs.

First, Word on Fire - Life Teen is held on Sunday morning beginning at 11:15 right

after the 10 am Mass. When students miss Life Teen the sessions must be made up.

We can provide online resources that the students and their parent(s) can use to

“catch up”on the material they missed and report back on their progress.

Parents are always welcome to sit in on any Life Teen session anytime they’d like

to do so. We hope Sunday Morning Life Teen sessions offers busy students and their

families the opportunity to make Mass a Family event.


Here are the remaining. Dates for the Life Teen Program 


                                                                                         The Word on Fire EDGE Middle School program meets                                                                                                    Wednesday Nights at 6pm and runs til 7:15p ending in                                                                                                    coordination with the grade school religious education                                                                                                  programs.  

                                                                                         Parents are always welcome to sit in on any Life Teen                                                                                                   or EDGE session anytime  they’d like to do so.

 Here are the reworked  2019 Dates and Program Titles  for the Edge Program. 
























Both Life Teen and Edge have a strong catechetical base but rely heavily on relational ministry. That is, our Core Members work to get to know the students on an individual basis. The point is so Core Members can effectively engage the students in small group discussions about how faith influences their everyday lives.


Everything we are learning about the development of the life-long Disciples necessary for our Church to grow and fulfill its mission of transforming our world tells us that without students beginning to develop their own personal relationship with Christ and seeing Christ in their own lives the facts and prayers and dogmas we teach don't take root. Alpha allows us to begin that discussion leading to faith by encouraging the students to ask anything. Word on Fire allows us to build on that. 

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