for the

Religious Education Year

Friends and Families,

Glad that is over. 

I think that pretty well sums up 2020-2021. 

We anticipate being back in class in person beginning in the fall for the 2020-2021 Religious Education Year. I have a preliminary Calendar for you to take a look at posted on this page. You'll notice it does indicate Packer Games and Times as we looked at Conflicts with the Sunday High School program. Just looking ahead. 

Please sign up as soon as you can. There might still be some COVID restrictions regarding social distancing etc that will limit the number of students we can have in a classroom. We are recruiting additional/new Catechists at this point but if we don't have enough Catechists it will limit the number of students we can accommodate.

The High School Program will stay at 11:15am til 1:15 PM on Sundays after 10 am Mass. The Middle School and Grade School Program will remain on Wednesday Nights from 6pm til 7:15 pm. 

Let's talk about Confirmation for a minute. The Diocese of Green Bay requires, among other things such as a Confirmation Prep program, 6 Semesters of Religious Education for Public School students wishing to be confirmed during their Junior year. 


There are several students who are now a semester behind after skipping this past year of religious education or failing to complete their work.  They wouldn't normally be able to be confirmed their Junior year.


There are currently two options.


Those students can:

1) Get Confirmed their Senior year once they have completed their 6 semesters of religious education or

2) Get Confirmed through the RCIA program here at St Peter. 

I'm also developing a Summer Catch Up program. I will be calling those families who are impacted by this. By participating and completing the Summer Catch Up Program they will be able to be Confirmed their Junior year with their friends. 

As always please do not hesitate to contact me at or call me at (920)242-3047 with thoughts, concerns or ideas.

Dcn. Tom Tomaszewski

Grades 1-12

St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Parish
Two Rivers WI