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Confirmation Assignments

2020 - 2021

Pre- Oct 17 Confirmation Retreat Assignment

You will be required to do two  (2) Saint essays. The first about a Saint you think might be a good one for you to pick for Confirmation. Then a second essay about that Saint AFTER YOU HAVE RESEARCHED THEM.  The first essay is due on or before October 17 which is the date of the all day Confirmation retreat at St Peter the Fisherman. 

A Confirmation Worship Note for one Confirmation Session  is required to be completed before the next Confirmation Session. It is based on the content of the 10am Mass on the Day of a Confirmation Session. 

Confirmation Stewardship hours are meant to offer the candidate the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.   Candidates should repeat the following prayer before and after each period of stewardship they perform and record the activity on this sheet. 



Holy Father, Your word tells me that if I seek You, I will find You if I look for You with all my heart and with all my soul. I have sought You with all my heart and I know that I must confirm my faith to You because You are my God. Thank You for being merciful. I know that You will not abandon or destroy me or forget the covenant with my forefathers. Thank You, Lord, for being faithful to me, uphold me as I complete this act of faith to You, Amen.
Deuteronomy 4:29,31

Your Confirmation Name Selection is your opportunity to make a statement abut who you wish to become. Pick the name of a saint you admire, can relate to, or aspire to be like as you continue your faith journey. This saint will be bonded to you spiritually and will be your model in life and can be the one you turn to for guidance and protection. 

Sponsor Related Info

The following three items are related to your Conformation Sponsor. One is a simple Information Sheet, One details what we'd like the Sponsor and Candidate to do together prior to Confirmation. And one concerns a Conformation Sponsor letter we ask they write in support of your seeking to be Confirmed. These will be posted in Church and On-Line so that our Parish can get a better idea of who your are as you enter fully into our Parish life.