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Students in Grades 1 thru 4 will alternate weeks between studying in person in class and studying at home online. The schedule below details which weeks are at home and which are online. You'll be notified as to which group your student is in. 

We've done this to make sure we can maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet between students. The size of the room dictates how many students we can take at one time. Masks are mandatory for the whole class.

Students studying in person will report for Class as usual roughly 10 minutes before Class. Things will seem as normal except for the dividers in class and masks. We will fog our rooms with disinfectant the day after classes.

We will take temperatures of students as they arrive. Students with a temperature of or over 100.7 per CDC guidelines will be sent home.


Here is the schedule for download and a version you can take a look at online: 

Grade 1 thru 4 Schedule.JPG