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Make Up Materials for Life Teen 

Jan 19 Make Up Session

Here is the make up information for the Jan 19 Life Teen 2020 Session. There are two question and answer pieces


a worksheet entitled " Is It In The Bible" and the information from the teaching for that session. Once the entire pack


is completed please return it to Tom T either through e mail at tomt@spfcp.org or drop it off at the Parish Office

Jan 26 Make Up Session

Here is the make up information for the Jan 26 Life Teen 2020 Session. There are three question sheets that need to be completed. There is also a Proclaim copy which gives basic information about the teaching for that day. Once you complete the entire pack please return it to Tom T either through e mail at tomt@spfcp.org or drop it off at the Parish Office. 

February 16 Make Up Session

Life Teen explored Vocations Sunday February 16th. It was an opportunity to explore the religious vocations people have chosen, why they have chosen them and ask questions that you might have always had about doing so. For those of you who did not attend, here are the questions you will need to ask at least four people: One Priest, One Deacon, One Franciscan Sister, and one Layperson in a vocation.

February 23 Make Up Session

Life Teen explored "The Gospel According to Aaron Rodgers"Sunday February 23th.  The Green and Gold QB has recently weighed in on his views concerning religion in an interview with Danica Patrick on her podcast "Pretty Intense." Among other things the HOF QB offers this critique as he searches for faith that "works for him": "I don't know how you can believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the planet to a fiery hell."

Please watch the three videos and answer the questions in the 12 Questions for 12 document. Return the questions after you answer them to Tom.  Please view the Aaron Rodgers Interview by Danica Patrick first.  Then view the video "Why Aaron Rodgers CHANGED Religions" video. Finally view the "Real Catholic"  video by Chris Stefanick. In general the first two videos are covered in questions 1-6 and the final questions 7-12 in the Chris Stefanick interview; though there is some overlap between them. 

March 1 Make Up Session

During the season of Lent, the Church joins with Christ in those 40 days and nights in the desert. She calls us out of the garden to the desert for a time of preparation and purification for Easter, the climax of the Church’s celebration and our Christian lives.

Complete the Lenten Prayer Buddy exercise pledging to fulfill the three pillars of Lent. And then ask a friend to hold you to that commitment. But Tom, how will you know if I stick to it? The truth is I don't need to know. It's between God and you. How is that for pressure? 

Then complete the Forty Days in the Desert exercise answering the questions at the back of the booklet. Pay attention to the footnotes. Look up this traditional Lenten Bible passage in another Bible.  Really dig into the meaning of Lent and your Lenten journey. What I'm confident of is that you will find you are tempted by the same temptations Christ faced during his forty days in the desert.  Bishop Barron's video offers some helpful information offering perspective for your work.