Sunday Sep 20, 2020

The Necessity of Scripture

Please watch this video and then answer the questions about it. Then complete the quiz about the video by clicking here. 

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Discusion Exercise

  1. Gospel of Mark (25 min)

    Open up a Bible or go to the USCCB website, that is, using a phone or computer.  Open to the Gospel of Mark. As you look through the Gospel, find the title of a passage that stands out to you and then read that passage. Most bibles have subtitles within the text. Find a passage that catches your attention. Afterwards discuss what you've found using the following questions. Then enter your answers on this form by clicking here:

    • Why did you choose it over other passages?

    • Is there something in your life that relates to that

      title, something that inspired you to focus on that

      title and passage?

    • Where did you learn about Jesus in this passage?

    • What did you learn about yourself through this

      passage? What drew you to that title?

If for some reason that doesn't work

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