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Who is the Most Influential Person in History? September 16 2020

There are three tasks for you at home this week. First, watch the video. Then, after you watch the video; please, download and answer the questions on this worksheet.  Or you can click on this link to fill out the Quiz form here. 

Finally, the third task is to have some fun with the "Jesus  Was Here" assignment. You can use a computer, book of maps, some Bibles even have maps in them to place the name of each of the 9 communities referred to in the stories about Jesus' life on the second page of this form. 

Complete these two assignments and bring these with you to EDGE next week, mail it in or email it to tomt@spfcp.org. If you can't print them out just put your answers on another piece of paper and bring that in. 

Small Group Discussions are an important element for students maturing in their faith. These discussions allow them to test, question and explore their faith in a deeper way. Working at home there are obviously not any additional students there with whom to have such a discussion. That is where you can come in as parents. Try having a discussion regarding these questions. The discussion is what is key. Don't know an answer; great! The best thing to say is, " I'm not sure. Let's explore that together." Then either research it or feel free to give me a call, text or drop me an email and we can work through it together. 

Use the following questions to foster a discussion:

  • What stands out to you the most about the places where Jesus lived and visited?

  • When thinking about Jesus and His life, what difference does it make for you to see the places where Jesus lived and visited?

  • Even though Jesus lived in a different place and time than us, what influence has He had on your life? If your student struggles to answer this question, help them think of basic things like the fact that they are involved in EDGE right now.

Eighth-Grade Adaptation

Use the following questions for a more challenging discussion for eighth-grade youth:

Have you ever considered whether or not Jesus was a real, historical person? If so, why?

What makes it difficult to care about who Jesus was and what He did? What inspires you to care about who Jesus was and what He did?


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