Edge Alpha/Barron

Middle School Program 


                                                                 As we transition from the Alpha Youth program we will be                                                                        using the Word on Fire Series following the Catholic Faith                                                                        Handbook as outlined by the Green Bay Diocese. The series                                                                      features topics ranging from the Revelation of God in the Old                                                                    Testament and the fulfillment of that revelation in the New                                                                      Testament through Jesus Christ.  The videos are based on Bishop Robert Barron’s documentary series, CATHOLICISM, and have been edited to be approachable and engaging for Middle School students.  

Each video is 8-10 minutes long and is presented within the context of a complete Lesson Plan.  We have the flexibility to use the lessons in any order and select part or all of the materials to supplement and enrich the designated curriculum and explore questions that come up in discussion with the students. 

 The videos are available in a streaming format and can be shared with students. They are available on line for roughly a month around the session date. You will get a weekly e mail complete with a link to the video for you to review. For example on January 30th we will be exploring Creation. You can see that video by clicking here. 

You will need this case sensitive password as well: GvVN7RBzFr

The other elements of the lessons are presented as individual pdfs and can be downloaded then printed and/or shared digitally with students.  

 In addition, each Lesson Plan includes a section with embedded links to Bible passages and references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church that are helpful in teaching each topic. 


There are several activities and/or assessments included in each Lesson Plan as well.

There is no Edge the Wednesday of Holy Week on April 17th. Instead, please consider taking part in the Triduum. There is a 7pm Mass Holy Thursday, I get to preach that day. Don't know if that is a positive for you or not. lol. On Good Friday the Service is at 12 noon. The Holy Saturday Easter Vigil begins at 8:15pm. 

Easter Sunday Masses are at 8am and 10am. 

Don't forget the Easter Egg Hunt between those two Masses on Easter Sunday. Dress your little egg warm!

What is ACRE on March 27th. It is the Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education. It is a paper and pencil tool that helps us aim our focus on areas of religious education based on what the students know at various levels. Only the 8th graders take this assessment from among the Middle School Students. It has no bearing on the individual student achievement or standing in the program. We don't even see individual student results but instead we study those in the aggregate over years.