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There will also be Family Discipleship Mass opportunities on three Wednesday evening’s offering Edge and Life Teen students and their families along with all our Religious Education families to worship together as disciples.

We are always looking for students and parents to help serve at this celebrations. The goal is to bring us together as a religious education community in an effort to celebrate what we are studying about our faith together to reinforce those values and to allow the students to see the strength that grows out of worshiping together as a family. 






The Confirmation Program helping form Disciples in 2018-2019 kicked off with a retreat on October 27.  This year the 2018-2019 Confirmation Candidates meet Sunday's in 8 two-hour sessions beginning after 10am Mass. The first regular session was held on Sunday November 25. Sessions will end at 1:15pm.

The Celebration of Confirmation is set for Wednesday May 8 2019 at 7pm at St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church in Two Rivers.   


The Green Bay Diocese has named Rt. Reverend Gary Neville, O Pream as the presider for the service.  Neville was the Abbot at the St Norbert Abbey from  2003 - 2018. Neville served two consecutive terms. He is the only individual ever to be re-elected to the post.Neville, a native of Green Bay, is a graduate of Premontre High School, where he later served as an English teacher, registrar and vice principal. He currently sits on the board of Notre Dame de la Baie Academy, housed in the former Premontre building. He has also been a St. Norbert trustee.










Neville’s theological training took place at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, which he also serves as a board member. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1978 and received his doctorate from St. Paul University, Ottawa, in 1990.

Here is a calendar for the upcoming year. Prior to the October 27 retreat there  is a required one hour meeting between the Family, their Candidate and Dcn Tom Tomaszewski to go over the program, expectations and requirements in the families home at our mutual convenience. 












We will be using the Ascension Press Chosen curriculum as our base this year.  The use of this Curriculum will also make doing make-up sessions easier because of the online component available in this program. The references you see in the Schedule indicate which chapters we anticipate covering during the program. 




Candidates will also meet for one additional hour between Sessions with their with assigned Core members. This meeting can only take place at Church with another Virtus Trained Adult present. 


Any missed Retreat, Class or one on one  sessions must be made up. We will make every effort to develop make-up opportunities as convenient as possible in keeping with other class schedules and requirements.


Discipleship Formation Confirmation Program

In addition to attendance at the Retreat, Class sessions and Participation in the Monitored One on One Sessions with Core Team members there are the following elements to our Confirmation Discipleship Program in 2018-2019 including: 

  • completing Confirmation Process Related forms,

  • two Candidate/sponsor assignments,

  • completing 20 Stewardship/Service Hours, and

  • completing 5 “Worship Notes.”


We hope the “Worship Notes” will help Students engage more fully in the weekend Mass experience.  We assume they are already attending weekly Mass. If not, please add that as an activity as well!


The Stewardship/Service Hour requirement allows us to experience being the hands and feet of Christ and in many ways is one of the most important parts of the Confirmation process. Please note the goal is give students the opportunity to grow spiritually through these experiences; so, we ask these service hours be specifically tied to Confirmation Discipleship formation and not applied from other programs or projects. 


Teens who attend Roncalli Catholic High School are strongly encouraged  to attend Life Teen Sessions. It enriches the Confirmation preparation for everyone, helps us grow together in our relationship with Christ as a community with the Church, Parish and  fellow confirmandi.  Participation in the Confirmation Sessions are required for private school students.








Last Year's Confirmation Class at Holy Cross in Mishicot.  Bishop Ricken presided over the administration of the Sacrament.